Anders Melgaard

Matter Energy Drink

Matter Energy Drink

Energy Drink for Krav Maga Global.
Krav Maga is by the public perceived as a quite violent kind of self defence with a military origin and no rules.
But matching it up with reality, Krav Maga is actually experienced as a way of both physical and mental exercise, making you feel better about yourself by giving you the tools to defend yourself and teaching you to be the bigger man.

This is a group project made with Aske Gramstrup.


The design is inspired by Israeli geometry - quick and explosive movements
of Krav Maga is represented with a colorful "explosion" indicating the
flavour and content of each drink.

The background pattern is inspired by the connection
between the brain and nervous system.


Matter refers to the body as the physical being and to matter as to of importance.
We divided the brand in two:


Meaning that your head is greater than your body
- for when you need a boost of energy
and concentration in your daily life.

For people who take their training serious
and wish to get a more physical boost
from drinking this drink or eating this gel.